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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Charity begins at Home

The blasts in Mumbai seems to be news on any of the news channels, any newspaper or on FB Posts.  I see the damage is multifold, but who is responsible for this? Am upset, deeply hurt about what happened to the innocent citizens. People cry and feel sad about these things but they fail to take ownership or even derive a thrill by not co-operating. How often have I seen people evading the security checks and feel excited about skipping a security checks. If someone skips the security check, there might be onlookers who do not make an effort to complain about it nor educate the significance of a security check to that somebody who skipped it.
 Everybody seems to be in a hurry, Is it not important to pay a little attention to our environment or our surroundings. How is it that people fail to notice a car without any ownership standing for long? Even if they did notice, who cares? Not on earth do I have the time to get into those details would be the attitude.

People crib and complain until the pain subsides but aren't we never going to learn our lessons to take accountability or atleast co-operate? Its time we realise charity begins at home. Lets join hands together to make this world a better place.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Figure this out for yourselves...!

Picture this conversation-
GJ: Rosie, out of sight and out of mind, eh? Looks like you are really adapting yourself nicely in the West. Big Hi to L!AR: what u saying my mind totally all of you! got to adapt no choice shall i say? ;) lol. L hi's back too! he is off now to help the neighbors move homes today...and am getting ready to spring clean and dash off to a party in the evening when he returns..what u doing u never tell me...its saturday dont tell me ur working!
(Well, for reader's clarification AR is not me!! It is not in any way connected to Ashes of Roses. As much as I would have loved to write the Full Names, I Can't because they would kill me if they realise that I stole this from their wall scraps as a fodder for my blog )
Now for some more information, AR Lives in Germany, Europe. So thats about everything you need to know to try and clear my doubts. My doubt here is Why GJ refers to Europe as West? For convenience, we call the far western countries like the North America region as West. Europe should lie in the center? Still why don't we call it Central?? Ok!! But why doesn't he simply call Europe as Europe?? Is it simply because several Indians think anything abroad other than Asia Pacific Region as west?The next thought, as I write this is something as trivial as you can think of. Last Sunday, the 8th of MAY was dedicated to Mother''s day and TOI carried a feature covering "Celebrity Mothers Speak" And now that we are discussing Germany, I was reading the feature of young mother, actress, and wife, Kajol's love for travel and her trip to Germany when she screeched "Hail Hitler..!" My Instant reaction was How could She hail Hitler, the man whom the nation despised?? And that coming from a Lady of the reputation as "WELL READ". As the dust settled down, I realised that she is just like any of us except that her profession is acting and she acts well, Still why do we rave and rant about all film stars and Cricket Stars?? they are pursuing their profession and why are raising them on to the pedestal of Demigods??Now back to GJ and AR. I just cant understand the LoL syndrome. I think every second line has a LOL to it if you happen to visit her profile. what is it about it that we are so gung ho about using Kewl, Kool, dude, blast..and I cant think of more ?? Are we facing an abject poverty of a good vocabulary?And lastly, I am lurching to find out why this incessant feeling that the conversation sounds like of a wannabe? Do you think it does not matter to me if you wonder I am taking a dig at this girl or if you think the same way as I do...!! well it really matters!! atleast today it matters because I found the first person following my blog! And I am exhilarated..!!