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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Charity begins at Home

The blasts in Mumbai seems to be news on any of the news channels, any newspaper or on FB Posts.  I see the damage is multifold, but who is responsible for this? Am upset, deeply hurt about what happened to the innocent citizens. People cry and feel sad about these things but they fail to take ownership or even derive a thrill by not co-operating. How often have I seen people evading the security checks and feel excited about skipping a security checks. If someone skips the security check, there might be onlookers who do not make an effort to complain about it nor educate the significance of a security check to that somebody who skipped it.
 Everybody seems to be in a hurry, Is it not important to pay a little attention to our environment or our surroundings. How is it that people fail to notice a car without any ownership standing for long? Even if they did notice, who cares? Not on earth do I have the time to get into those details would be the attitude.

People crib and complain until the pain subsides but aren't we never going to learn our lessons to take accountability or atleast co-operate? Its time we realise charity begins at home. Lets join hands together to make this world a better place.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Figure this out for yourselves...!

Picture this conversation-
GJ: Rosie, out of sight and out of mind, eh? Looks like you are really adapting yourself nicely in the West. Big Hi to L!AR: what u saying my mind totally all of you! got to adapt no choice shall i say? ;) lol. L hi's back too! he is off now to help the neighbors move homes today...and am getting ready to spring clean and dash off to a party in the evening when he returns..what u doing u never tell me...its saturday dont tell me ur working!
(Well, for reader's clarification AR is not me!! It is not in any way connected to Ashes of Roses. As much as I would have loved to write the Full Names, I Can't because they would kill me if they realise that I stole this from their wall scraps as a fodder for my blog )
Now for some more information, AR Lives in Germany, Europe. So thats about everything you need to know to try and clear my doubts. My doubt here is Why GJ refers to Europe as West? For convenience, we call the far western countries like the North America region as West. Europe should lie in the center? Still why don't we call it Central?? Ok!! But why doesn't he simply call Europe as Europe?? Is it simply because several Indians think anything abroad other than Asia Pacific Region as west?The next thought, as I write this is something as trivial as you can think of. Last Sunday, the 8th of MAY was dedicated to Mother''s day and TOI carried a feature covering "Celebrity Mothers Speak" And now that we are discussing Germany, I was reading the feature of young mother, actress, and wife, Kajol's love for travel and her trip to Germany when she screeched "Hail Hitler..!" My Instant reaction was How could She hail Hitler, the man whom the nation despised?? And that coming from a Lady of the reputation as "WELL READ". As the dust settled down, I realised that she is just like any of us except that her profession is acting and she acts well, Still why do we rave and rant about all film stars and Cricket Stars?? they are pursuing their profession and why are raising them on to the pedestal of Demigods??Now back to GJ and AR. I just cant understand the LoL syndrome. I think every second line has a LOL to it if you happen to visit her profile. what is it about it that we are so gung ho about using Kewl, Kool, dude, blast..and I cant think of more ?? Are we facing an abject poverty of a good vocabulary?And lastly, I am lurching to find out why this incessant feeling that the conversation sounds like of a wannabe? Do you think it does not matter to me if you wonder I am taking a dig at this girl or if you think the same way as I do...!! well it really matters!! atleast today it matters because I found the first person following my blog! And I am exhilarated..!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"ME-TIME" or "Mother" ??

This is more than a blog, This is written to you Rekha, specifically to you. I remember our hundred thousand conversations, when I told you how much I aspire to live alone, to cherish that space, that absolute ME-TIME, that melancholy of coffee and a book.., to be with myself. Its a lie Rekha. I will not call it a lie, because I did not lie to you but thats what I presumed that I liked but the truth is what I realised only yesterday. It is not as long as it does not hit you, you are lucky, but when the vacum hits is when we trip and fall. 

I have also realised, no matter how much you engage yourself and however busy you could have been in that "ME-TIME", You would not want to indulge in any of it if you are hit by that vacum. I think this is one point in time when you might also want to thank God for your job, no matter how hectic it is, for it is the only thing that can take your mind off the pain of missing someone. 

As an after thought, I think the same thing happens to tiny tots who gets to school for the first time of their lives, and that may what happens to  little children when they have to leave their grandparent's after a summer vacation, possibly the same thing to young adults possibly when they fall in love. 

And that very thing happened to me, When my mother left from here.  Mom made her stay very very special. I missed her in every thing right from the time I reached back home after seeing her off at the airport. I was quite okay until we saw her off, but it hit me when we reached home, right from the time we unlocked the door. Missed her, during dinner and after that when earlier, she massaged my back for the back pain after dinner. This morning, when I had to leave for work.. I missed her when she used to come down along with me in the lift till the parking till she saw me off at the gate, and today there was no one with me. Am not talking about the good homely food for breakfast, lunch and dinner but am talking about those special things that only Mothers are capable of..and thats how she was capable of creating that void.

No wonder, there are so many poets who has chosen Mothers to write about..I just want to conclude as words don't express how much she means to me, the truth remains that Mothers are special and with mothers around you may not want the "Me-Time".

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

whats in a name or whats in Arthi's name?

Act 1 Scene 1.

I heard from Senthil that there is an opportunity available that I can explore. I do not show much interest. One of his friends tries exploring the same, comes back and shares with Senthil that the interviewer was checking about me. Senthil insists I should connect with them. On his insistence, I connected, I liked it and they liked me. They make offer. I accept it. I realise on joining, I have joined where Arthi is supposedly on maternity leave.

Act 1 Scene 2.
Soon after joining here, I made friends with a style guru. And I remain friends with her till day. Apparently her name was Arthi.

A few years later.

Act 1 Scene 3.

Same employer. Different Role and different responsibilities. I get married. I need a transfer to join my Husband. I connect with my colleague in Hyderabad.  She needs a transfer too. What a dream come true. Everybody agrees to our mutual swap. And what can be a better surprise, Her name too was Arthi.

End of Act 1 with 3 scenes

Curtains open on Act -2

Act-2 Scene -1

While I continue to be in Hyderabad in the erst while Arthi's place, I get another call from another employer. I do explore options. I consider it and I move in. No prizes for guessing, The girl who called me from this corporation, her Name too was Arthi.

End of Act-2

Should I say "whats in a name..?" or should I say "Whats in Arthi's Name..?"

Monday, August 9, 2010

My dream!

I want to write many things here, many things like that girl about whom I want to bitch or  about the jinxed name that I have come across, or even better about my desire to become a great writer one day, who can write beyond bitching, beyond dance floors, beyond wardrobes, beyond booze, beyond the sheets, beyond the break-ups beyond America and beyond infidelity. 

What is it to write without all these things? Is it like pulling out the quintessential spices of any peice worthy of reading or is it reminiscent of Wordsworth and Coleridge? Don't get there, never a match because even if a handful of eminent literature professors come together it may still not be possible they would make one Wordsworth. Anyway, I cannot write about the solitary reaper or the daffodils. I have read them and I have loved them. If I saw some dainty flowers or a beautiful rainbow, I may live in it but I am afraid, My writing cannot do them that justice so I might never venture there.

I have dreamt of a dream, a hundred million times the same dream in myriad shades. I have dreamt this dream that one day, I would also win a booker prize and have fantasized my reactions when someone from the long distance rings and tells me that my book is nominated. I have imagined myself dressed in a red saree like the way Arundhati Roy was dressed when she received her award. I have picturised a wiki about my book.

With a dream like that and  with a vision where my writing makes a difference to the reader, Do I really want to bitch about anybody here? For all we know, You might find that "Bitchy -Piece" here, yes you read it right, it could be one of the following blogs which might get published or which might remain only a draft..I would not know!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Emotional Atyachaar.

"Emotional Atyachaar" may not be a national news or a burning issue but definitely something with enough magnitude that it has given enough food for thought for all script writers, story tellers and movie directors cutting across all times and eras, cutting through all time zones and geographies, cutting across age groups and gender, that many movies in Hindi as well as English Cinema has been inspired by sheer magnanimity of this "emotional atyachaar"

Only those who are burdened of going through an emotional atyachaar knows what it is to be weighed down by such acts. But normally, the first thing that strikes to one in an emotional atyachaar is the involvement between any man and a woman who are in relationship like a boy friend/girl friend or fiancé/fiancée or either of the spouses-Husband or the wife. But anyone beyond this relationship can also be a victim of emotional atyachaar in a day to day life.

How can we miss out the parkwood international episode, where it has been claimed that the director lived in a pent house above the girls hostel abused these girls and threatened them if they raised the issue with anyone.
Is it possible to ignore the sexual favours at workplace in their lure to take them places above and across? In the same length, taking the law to one's advantage to make false accusations of harassment to get to positions above or places across? Why go the length and breadth of the work place when it can happen with in the confines of one's home? When your maid knows your dependability on her, does she not manipulate you and  make you compromise on her responsibilities. We would have all been witness to this sometime or later. Contrastingly, The Shiney Ahuja and the maid case was there in  the open for all of us to see and we have to wait to watch the verdict.
It could happen to any of us in our normal lives, parents and family indulging in it to ensure their kid's don't tread the path of falling in love with someone in the opposite sex. Relatives and family indulge in it to get their dodging children married. Sons or daughters resorting to Emotional atyachaar for a nod of approval in context of their love affair. Students in schools and colleges take the EA(emotional atyachaar) route to make up for the lost attendance or perhaps for better grades or scores.

The Power play of politics, lust, money greed and emotions, It could be all of that or any of that which leads to the pursuit of 'Emotional Atyachaar"  . Unless, the focus shifts to meaningful values, the suffering from EA would continue. Its time we get back to true love and the goodness of life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obsessions!! are we obsessed about being obsessed?

Why are we so obsessed about certain things which we can do without? Sometimes, knowing about it and sometimes not knowing about that . Sometimes knowingly, to be counted in and sometimes unwittingly, without our knowledge because our surrounding and our every body else in our environment is obsessed that it has gotten into you and me too, that we end up being fanatical about it! FIFA was all over the place, Every body's FB profile status read something about someone winning, someone loosing! Well, In the first place, We are not even playing!! 

Am ok following it, But does it need so much attention that it looses sight of other significant things? Why no one made a mention of Saina Nehwal getting to world's No-2. Why her Indonesian Open super series crown did not get similar attention? Why nobody bothers to scribble a line about our very own SM Krishna's attempt of dialogue with Pakistan? Why no mention of Headley's revelations, One of the main accused in the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai? Why no one cares to feel about the Bengal Train Crash inspite of being such a mystery, Why nothing about fighting Naxal violence is ever discussed?  Why just not a word on the water problem between AP and Maharastra? Why no thoughts on the Mining rampant scam in Karnataka and AP border? 

Why is that we choose to remain silent on few things and glorify few other things? Is it because we are too lost in glorifying a few things like Spain winning FIFA or Is it a clear case of not following these things because it taxes a little of one's brain to be following these things or is it that there is a sense of unbelonging of something your own and a sense of pride in acknowledging something that every body else does.

Whatever be the so called reason, we all seem to be suffering from a bigger disease of obsession, The obsession of being obsessed! like the obsession with FIFA or the HARRY POTTER or like my obsession of being obsessed about why others not being obsessed with what they are not obsessed but obsessed about the obsession of what they are obsessed with or even better, perhaps my current obsession(or for a change, should I call it affiliation?) to the obsessions of the others obsessed!