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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

whats in a name or whats in Arthi's name?

Act 1 Scene 1.

I heard from Senthil that there is an opportunity available that I can explore. I do not show much interest. One of his friends tries exploring the same, comes back and shares with Senthil that the interviewer was checking about me. Senthil insists I should connect with them. On his insistence, I connected, I liked it and they liked me. They make offer. I accept it. I realise on joining, I have joined where Arthi is supposedly on maternity leave.

Act 1 Scene 2.
Soon after joining here, I made friends with a style guru. And I remain friends with her till day. Apparently her name was Arthi.

A few years later.

Act 1 Scene 3.

Same employer. Different Role and different responsibilities. I get married. I need a transfer to join my Husband. I connect with my colleague in Hyderabad.  She needs a transfer too. What a dream come true. Everybody agrees to our mutual swap. And what can be a better surprise, Her name too was Arthi.

End of Act 1 with 3 scenes

Curtains open on Act -2

Act-2 Scene -1

While I continue to be in Hyderabad in the erst while Arthi's place, I get another call from another employer. I do explore options. I consider it and I move in. No prizes for guessing, The girl who called me from this corporation, her Name too was Arthi.

End of Act-2

Should I say "whats in a name..?" or should I say "Whats in Arthi's Name..?"

Monday, August 9, 2010

My dream!

I want to write many things here, many things like that girl about whom I want to bitch or  about the jinxed name that I have come across, or even better about my desire to become a great writer one day, who can write beyond bitching, beyond dance floors, beyond wardrobes, beyond booze, beyond the sheets, beyond the break-ups beyond America and beyond infidelity. 

What is it to write without all these things? Is it like pulling out the quintessential spices of any peice worthy of reading or is it reminiscent of Wordsworth and Coleridge? Don't get there, never a match because even if a handful of eminent literature professors come together it may still not be possible they would make one Wordsworth. Anyway, I cannot write about the solitary reaper or the daffodils. I have read them and I have loved them. If I saw some dainty flowers or a beautiful rainbow, I may live in it but I am afraid, My writing cannot do them that justice so I might never venture there.

I have dreamt of a dream, a hundred million times the same dream in myriad shades. I have dreamt this dream that one day, I would also win a booker prize and have fantasized my reactions when someone from the long distance rings and tells me that my book is nominated. I have imagined myself dressed in a red saree like the way Arundhati Roy was dressed when she received her award. I have picturised a wiki about my book.

With a dream like that and  with a vision where my writing makes a difference to the reader, Do I really want to bitch about anybody here? For all we know, You might find that "Bitchy -Piece" here, yes you read it right, it could be one of the following blogs which might get published or which might remain only a draft..I would not know!!