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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Emotional Atyachaar.

"Emotional Atyachaar" may not be a national news or a burning issue but definitely something with enough magnitude that it has given enough food for thought for all script writers, story tellers and movie directors cutting across all times and eras, cutting through all time zones and geographies, cutting across age groups and gender, that many movies in Hindi as well as English Cinema has been inspired by sheer magnanimity of this "emotional atyachaar"

Only those who are burdened of going through an emotional atyachaar knows what it is to be weighed down by such acts. But normally, the first thing that strikes to one in an emotional atyachaar is the involvement between any man and a woman who are in relationship like a boy friend/girl friend or fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e or either of the spouses-Husband or the wife. But anyone beyond this relationship can also be a victim of emotional atyachaar in a day to day life.

How can we miss out the parkwood international episode, where it has been claimed that the director lived in a pent house above the girls hostel abused these girls and threatened them if they raised the issue with anyone.
Is it possible to ignore the sexual favours at workplace in their lure to take them places above and across? In the same length, taking the law to one's advantage to make false accusations of harassment to get to positions above or places across? Why go the length and breadth of the work place when it can happen with in the confines of one's home? When your maid knows your dependability on her, does she not manipulate you and  make you compromise on her responsibilities. We would have all been witness to this sometime or later. Contrastingly, The Shiney Ahuja and the maid case was there in  the open for all of us to see and we have to wait to watch the verdict.
It could happen to any of us in our normal lives, parents and family indulging in it to ensure their kid's don't tread the path of falling in love with someone in the opposite sex. Relatives and family indulge in it to get their dodging children married. Sons or daughters resorting to Emotional atyachaar for a nod of approval in context of their love affair. Students in schools and colleges take the EA(emotional atyachaar) route to make up for the lost attendance or perhaps for better grades or scores.

The Power play of politics, lust, money greed and emotions, It could be all of that or any of that which leads to the pursuit of 'Emotional Atyachaar"  . Unless, the focus shifts to meaningful values, the suffering from EA would continue. Its time we get back to true love and the goodness of life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obsessions!! are we obsessed about being obsessed?

Why are we so obsessed about certain things which we can do without? Sometimes, knowing about it and sometimes not knowing about that . Sometimes knowingly, to be counted in and sometimes unwittingly, without our knowledge because our surrounding and our every body else in our environment is obsessed that it has gotten into you and me too, that we end up being fanatical about it! FIFA was all over the place, Every body's FB profile status read something about someone winning, someone loosing! Well, In the first place, We are not even playing!! 

Am ok following it, But does it need so much attention that it looses sight of other significant things? Why no one made a mention of Saina Nehwal getting to world's No-2. Why her Indonesian Open super series crown did not get similar attention? Why nobody bothers to scribble a line about our very own SM Krishna's attempt of dialogue with Pakistan? Why no mention of Headley's revelations, One of the main accused in the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai? Why no one cares to feel about the Bengal Train Crash inspite of being such a mystery, Why nothing about fighting Naxal violence is ever discussed?  Why just not a word on the water problem between AP and Maharastra? Why no thoughts on the Mining rampant scam in Karnataka and AP border? 

Why is that we choose to remain silent on few things and glorify few other things? Is it because we are too lost in glorifying a few things like Spain winning FIFA or Is it a clear case of not following these things because it taxes a little of one's brain to be following these things or is it that there is a sense of unbelonging of something your own and a sense of pride in acknowledging something that every body else does.

Whatever be the so called reason, we all seem to be suffering from a bigger disease of obsession, The obsession of being obsessed! like the obsession with FIFA or the HARRY POTTER or like my obsession of being obsessed about why others not being obsessed with what they are not obsessed but obsessed about the obsession of what they are obsessed with or even better, perhaps my current obsession(or for a change, should I call it affiliation?) to the obsessions of the others obsessed! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whose face is it, anyway??

Well, Its mine! The answer to the question which captions this blog,"Whose face is it, Anyway?" is not difficult. Of course, it is mine! Am not getting into the poetic description of my face here but just trying to come to terms with the unnerving commonness of either the angular or the roundness of my face or perhaps the tone or the symmetry, or I do not know what ever that mystery is or is it just people's uncanny ability to draw a parallel to my face or is it really that common a face?!?

A four year old kid, who had never seen me and my sister together thought it was just one girl who gave him those chocolates, those hugs and all the other goodies while it was either me or my sister showering him all that and much more, Until one day he saw us both together and such was his surprise to realise there were two of us that he was jumping and laughing all at a time and screaming "Double Role...! aiiieeeeee.. Double role!! double role!!

If you said "..Excuse me, He is only a 4 year old kid..!" then, I have something more delirious.  There was this sweet lady, an acquaintance who also happened to be the mother of another acquaintance of mine. The lady happened to bump into my sister and started the camaraderie with her. Going by the flow of the conversation, my sister avoided the possibility of "A comedy of Errors" taking place by sharing her identity.  I think what could be written off  as pure bollywood masala should sometimes be given a benefit of doubt as there could be some real time inspirations like this! what say?

Now that we spoke bollywood, I must share the other innumerable comparisons!! Understandable, that in the earlier two instances it was only a comparison with my sister. But there is more, "..your face is ditto your brother's face, looks of your father, like your mother..."  It is still ok because there is some credibility,  Let us blame that common gene which could have been inherited.

But what about the comparisons with Kiran Vairale, Kaajal Kiran, Bipasha, Sania, Jiah, Prachi and many more. Some are comparisons, I have liked and some were disliked.

Whatsoever the comparison is, I am myself the individual that I am. I can never be them and they can never be me. It is very comforting to be in my own skin! And it is not any one's face but MINE!