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Sunday, June 20, 2010

At a loss of words...about the film industry Awards..!!

It has been a while before I got to blog with travelling and a few other things keeping me busy. The best thing about travel for me is that from there, originates the seed for my next blog but the worst thing about it is I have to keep off it and so the seed never sprouts as I would have either forgotten or it is too safe in my memory that I can never recall.

This time around when I was not blogging, I constantly reminded myself about the next two things that I wished to write and as I set out to do that just now, and no sooner had I mentioned travelling, I remembered my last visit to Bangalore and the time I spent with my family and friends there. I was ready to just step out of the house when my sister was watching a repeat telecast of an awards show on the TV, stopped by the living room and I stood to watch what was happening for the next five-ten minutes and what happened on the show had stirred my emotions then and it stirred my emotions now which is when I decided not to write about what I had originally intended to write when I started off this blog but to write something that I so strongly felt about then and I so strongly feel about now. It is about having fun at someone else's cost in the name of humour seems to be the order of the day in these award functions.

Ashustosh Gowarikar was making an earnest request to the MC s to stop taking a dig in the name of humour,  and courtesy Sajjad's interruptions, Ashutosh got a little worked up when he said "shut up..!" While that remark could have been avoided in a public forum, I for one would not say it is wrong as it is but natural that for all humans can get worked up when one's sentiments are hurt. When Ashutosh ended it on an even note, saying he was sorry for that remark and that they were friends, It was strange that Sajjad could not take the remark on a lighter note. It was amusing to see how Sajjad who believes that his sense of humour at others cost expects them to treat it as a joke could not treat the remark as a same kind of joke. The icing on the cake of that show was Farah Khan pitching in when she joined her brother on the podium to inform Ashutosh that If he was at the Oscar's he could not have spoken for more than 40 seconds as the music would begin in the back ground and would be dragged out of the stage. 
I think Farah needs to realise that her comparisons are far too high held and it is not too apt. Her comparison at first with the Oscars -She needs to understand that It is a larger stage to recognise the excellence of the professionals in the film industry across the world and not to a particular region. She also needs to understand that we are not having a presidential government but we are socialistic, secularist and most importantly a democratic country and we have the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression but not the freedom to have fun at someone else's sentiments or at anybody else's cost. Her comparison in the last to R K Laxman's "Common Man". It is high time she realised that he is a league apart and cannot be comparing their dry and dirty jokes and their silly humour cannot be looked at from the same plane.
Also, I recall in another of such awards function SRK and Saif take things a little too far with their NAH-REAL(not real) (नारियल) awards. I did respect the fact that Farah has given some good movies and I did hold her at a pedestal  but it went on a decline though. Although she has been associated in the industry for 18 years,  and her love for that industry could be immense but that does not give her the liberty to say that she loves it more than anybody else as there are many legends in the industry who have contributed far more than what Farah has contributed in the last 18 years and perhaps their love is far greater than hers that they have given more to the industry than they have taken from it. 
So also, the likes of SRK and Saif have shown their acting prowess on the silver screen and people respect them for that and not for their cheap thrills at an awards function. It is important to remain a Hero both on screen and off screen without getting into such cheap stakes!

I think this genre of  stupid gags is catching up very fast and it is almost the same at most of these jazzy award functions. I cannot remember where it started or who started it first but these gags are supposed to just tickle the funny bone so, even  if one is doing something of that sorts they should be able to draw that line and be careful enough to know where to draw that line as this line of difference is wafer thin and it should be sensitive to people's emotions. 

But there are still a few classic award functions that are crafted with minutest of the detail and the finest of the moments ignited that might just linger on and on...I hope that MC s anchoring such gatherings would take a leaf out of  these classical award's like that of the Gollupadi Awards.. Inspite of K Balachander's strong  vernacular influence when he speaks,it is beyond appreciation, the effort that went behind in sharing those finest details, All that study and research that has gone behind  before making that presentation, the humility of the one of the finest filmmakers of the industry, The sincerity with which he speaks ..Just keeps you all ears..!! And with a humbling experience and similar modesty, similar honesty, the award is accepted by Aamir Khan is worth a watch..!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bliss !! Ignorance or negligence?

To be greeted with a publicity campaign for a Men's Paying guest accommodation with a wrongly spelt name could be funny the first time. It could be irritating if it is the fifth time.  On the twentieth time, It could feel like disregarding and overlooking at it. It is after this decision of mine to over look the wrong spelling of that Men's PG campaign , The harder I tried to overlook it, more difficult it became to ignore it. Courtesy, the genius who misspelt it as "GENIOUS Men's PG". On the Hundredth time, I was worried if my mind would register the wrong spelling as the correct one, I decided to change my route. Sadly for me, the genius had painted the whole town red with his publicity campaigns and changing route did not help because GENIOUS was there even on the road less traveled.

Approximately after two hundredth time, I was telling myself  "...Don't look at that. That is a wrong spelling. Genius is spelt as G-E-N-I-U-S.... and not G-E-N-I-O-U-S. When I lost track of the number of times, I had seen it, I had to reassert myself after checking the spelling on Google.

Now, this is damage enough if some one Ignorant starts proclaiming as GENIOUS.., Well, wait a moment, Is it really ignorance or is it the hand of a "Genius" as a publicity stunt? As a second thought, is it sheer negligence? Even when it calls for publicity, damn a care about the validation? Nevertheless, Whether its ignorance or negligence, it is immaterial as it is getting the much deserved publicity.  And that is what I call as Bliss.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meals on wheels..!!There can be more deals..!

The return from my recent trip after visiting my parents was bundled with a lot of interesting things. Sweets, Namkeens, fruits and much more. In addition, It gave me some inspirational business ideas for Indian Railways which I would like to share it here, hoping somebody from there would read it to implement it.

When I boarded Rajadhani, it was raining heavily outside and I pulled out the towel from the paper bag that read "Northern Railways welcomes you" and dried myself a little. I had just settled down and one of the stewards of the Rail crew offered a  bottle of mineral water and it was called "RAIL NEER"  NEERu in Kannada meaning Water, I felt impressive, patriotic, curious all at a time of being a Kannadiga. While this thought kept me pre-occupied for sometime, Food was served on a platter with small containers of different items, each one of them reading "Meals on Wheels" in bold red.

I thought of  Meals on wheels as a novel idea, while I chewed on the chapati, Panner Butter Masala along with some Dhal and Jeera Rice. I did not think very high of the rice that was served but the curd and the rasgolla is worth a mention. Once dinner was done, I felt travelling alone could be boring. I had looked around for a book on the platform and I had not found it, the closest I came to picking something was a magazine called "OUTLOOK", which I instantly gave up when the platform vendor told me Rs. 50/- for a magazine like that. It was too late when I thought I should have simply picked it up and I got this interesting idea that in India, most people(I say most and not all as I don't wish to Generalize all Indians) that they would just make it up to catch the train so they would not have with them too much time to pack a book even if they are avid readers) so it would be a good deal for both the travellers and the railways, if they were to sell some books or magazines who would want to pick up something for a nice read. Also, the publishing companies would stand to have a percentage of their sales hiking up.

Now, this led me to think of our unfortunate brethren who do not have that flair for reading would be left bored if they only sold books and magazines, so they could have more deals with some other interesting wares like a  colour cube or some other brain teaser games. So, considering folks with lesser inclination for activities involving the grey cells, they could sell a pack of cards(provided they are not travelling alone). So one thought leading to another and one again I had realised there could be deals starting from books, games, camera batteries, mobile chargers to making some compartments Wi-Fi.

While I thought of business propositions for Indian Railways, I caught him in the act, the man sitting opposite to me was staring at me while he held a pen and a paper in his hand, His appearance was not something that one would get to see often as he had a nicely tucked shirt in his jeans and had a small pony neatly brushed behind, had a pendant of a skeleton in black metal on his chest which displayed outside on his crisply pressed shirt.  He had his earrings which matched with the pendant.  I was startled and his sight woke me up from my chain of thoughts, not knowing what to do, I fidgeted with the towel, I thought of pulling the curtain on him and his staring by bringing down the blanket from the upper berth, So when I stood up to reach the blanket, My corner of the eyes strained a little when my sight landed on that peice of paper in his hand which had etched out a marvellous sketch of me. I appreciated his art but I was still wondering why me?? And I had suddenly become very conscious of myself  unable to think even a thing. when I lifted my eyes again, then his gaze had shifted on a little kid besides him in the side berth and as he watched his hands were swift and deft in its movement.

I was at ease and I was thinking if the railways should also have deals on pens, pencils, papers, erasers and more??