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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A note of Thanks..!

One of my friends, an avid reader of my blog, suddenly approached me and asked me to write a blog on her. I was smiling at her request not knowing how to react. She said "I don't care what you do but do write a blog on me.." So I set out to write this blog, dedicating it to her(and her name is Sai) and a few others who have impacted my life in some way.

There are many others whom I owe not just this blog but every thing else in my life including my life (like My Husband, My family and a few tight friends) I clarify who they are in brackets because I do not owe any thing to any credit cards or any mobile connection.

Sai, You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known. I saw you as a girl very playful and bubbly, with high spirits which masks the real you. Hats off to you, I have seen you undaunted when you were inundated with the toughest situations of life. To see you come through it, undismayed with your parents separation and having lost your mother whom death chose for its company. Your qualities of speaking your mind out, Your ability to win people and their hearts is something that is admirable. Keep trusting in Him and continue to be that warmly loved person that you are.

Mansoor- We may have had certain differences of opinion on certain aspects but I definitely think and hold certain other attributes in high regards. When Ever we set out for team lunch, I realised the essence of tips in the truest sense. For you, tipping someone who waited at our table was just a customary but tipping the young boy who came in the last, to do away with the dishes and clean the table held a higher significance and it meant a lot for you to tip that boy. Your initiative to tie up the team together for the community service donation is commendable.

Kirthana- Your ability to handle relationships at work, Your ability to organise, Your assertiveness was something that I was so much in awe. It is said that first boss can impress upon one's life at work. You were my first boss in a corporate and you have left a deep impression. I should share the credit for all my credibility today.

Ansuman- I still remember your signature at the end of your e-mail which read "Do Good". I think of you as one of those people whose essential tenet of life was to do good, I was touched by your gesture, without any second thoughts that you helped me.

Riyaz- I have noticed people putting an action plan for savings, but you are one person who was driven with the motto of ensuring every person has a savings plan for their life. Your follow-ups with the right contact details were impeccable.

Saurabh- Your dedication towards any activity, Your patience and efforts while your approach on sharing your knowledge is something highly appreciated.

There are some names whose names are missing here who have had a very deep impact on my approach to life and my life itself and would continue to have that impact because I believe their Impact always remains a journey and is never a destination.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Essence or Nonsense

Sometimes, the weight of certain matters are so high and intense that it is the essence of some one's life, it could be the essence of certain turning points, it could be the defining essence of success or failure, death or life, change or stability.

Such is life's essence that without some menace to it, without some irky, pesky things, without some nonsense to it, the value of that essential essence is lost.

For instance, Whoever created the KS rubber had an innovative idea to introduce the flavour to it but the essence of rubber invention has been lost due to a very strong odour of the rubber itself. When it is supposed to be the turn-on of a long last(ing) relationship it is such a turn off. Phew! Such a disaster!!

Another instance, No matter how hard I try to subtly write and hint at what rubber means without sounding like a cheap pervert and still attempting to write whatever I intend to mean, either the essence of it would get lost by too much subtlety or it could sound like some dirty gross talk. Either ways it is difficult to bring in that distinction to a reader who is straight.

Third instance, if one read "straight" from the line above, Am afraid how many of them would be reading between the lines and would begin to wonder what has "straight" or "swinging" got to do here. So those of you with that extra bent of mind, I would like to clarify that straight here refers to those dearest of my very straight- forward readers.

Fourth instance, as I scribble on my wall (pun intended, referring to the wall on my face book) "Hyderabad seems like Ooty!! :) All thanks to laila ?!? one's misery another's benefit huh???.." am just beginning to wonder the so called beautiful essence of cold breeze, nice coffee, hot mirchis could actually be a scar in the lives of few others. Imagine this when it could be read as "At least 14 people have died in storm-related incidents, with the tropical cyclone Laila battered India's south-eastern coast on Thursday inundating large areas, snapping power and communication lines and disrupting transport including lightning strikes and wall collapses, since Tuesday night, the IANS reported. Twenty-five fishermen were also reported missing.Eleven major towns and 1,500 villages were plunged into darkness as gales damaged power lines. Trains and flights in the affected areas were cancelled Thursday.."
The last instance might leave one empathizing with the lost souls and battered lives, It could leave one shattered and robbed and sapped of all the essence that one had before setting out to readthis blog

I hate to be leaving this right here leaving the reader dry and sad, so here is something to cheer up. What could be the essence of one's livelihood could be nonsense to someone reading it, Essence or Nonsense, It can just light up that much needed smile.

I was passing by a shop dealing with all scraps- old papers, books, bottles, metals etc. It displayed a board which read "OLD PAPERS & M.T BOTTLES TAKEN HERE"
I was passing another shop dealing with whole sale Groceries and the board outside reads "HOLE SALE SHOP"

Funny eh?? Good enough, if it can leave you smiling. So Keep smiling till you find something as hilarious, am sure It will not take too long before you hit upon something soon !!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Figure this out for yourselves...!

Picture this conversation-

GJ: Rosie, out of sight and out of mind, eh? Looks like you are really adapting yourself nicely in the West. Big Hi to L!

AR: what u saying my mind totally all of you! got to adapt no choice shall i say? ;) lol. L hi's back too! he is off now to help the neighbors move homes today...and am getting ready to spring clean and dash off to a party in the evening when he returns..what u doing u never tell me...its saturday dont tell me ur working!

(Well, for reader's clarification AR is not me!! It is not in any way connected to Ashes of Roses. As much as I would have loved to write the Full Names, I Can't because they would kill me if they realise that I stole this from their wall scraps as a fodder for my blog )

Now for some more information, AR Lives in Germany, Europe. So thats about everything you need to know to try and clear my doubts. My doubt here is Why GJ refers to Europe as West? For convenience, we call the far western countries like the North America region as West. Europe should lie in the center? Still why don't we call it Central?? Ok!! But why doesn't he simply call Europe as Europe?? Is it simply because several Indians think anything abroad other than Asia Pacific Region as west?
The next thought, as I write this is something as trivial as you can think of. Last Sunday, the 8th of MAY was dedicated to Mother''s day and TOI carried a feature covering "Celebrity Mothers Speak" And now that we are discussing Germany, I was reading the feature of young mother, actress, and wife, Kajol's love for travel and her trip to Germany when she screeched "Hail Hitler..!" My Instant reaction was How could She hail Hitler, the man whom the nation despised?? And that coming from a Lady of the reputation as "WELL READ". As the dust settled down, I realised that she is just like any of us except that her profession is acting and she acts well, Still why do we rave and rant about all film stars and Cricket Stars?? they are pursuing their profession and why are raising them on to the pedestal of Demigods??
Now back to GJ and AR. I just cant understand the LoL syndrome. I think every second line has a LOL to it if you happen to visit her profile. what is it about it that we are so gung ho about using Kewl, Kool, dude, blast..and I cant think of more ?? Are we facing an abject poverty of a good vocabulary?
And lastly, I am lurching to find out why this incessant feeling that the conversation sounds like of a wannabe? Do you think it does not matter to me if you wonder I am taking a dig at this girl or if you think the same way as I do...!! well it really matters!! atleast today it matters because I found the first person following my blog! And I am exhilarated..!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Psychobabble: Love Strategy

Psychobabble: Love Strategy

The Man, Whom I never looked for...

My earlier experiences at work began with a stint in recruitment. I was sorting through the profiles I had received, and I was reading the cover letter of some one seeking prospective employment. He had written to me an interesting brief about himself giving a quick highlight of his experience and skills. (for the lesser known, he was a techie and was looking at something in a technical role)

It was not until I reached the second paragraph, that I found my funny bone being put into a good use. It read like this

", would like to conclude this e-mail with a note that with all my expertise and qualification, I would like to mention that I am the man you are looking for."

Well, I read it and re-read it just to make sure that it was not some sort of a joke by any of my friends just trying a prank on me. It was no joke, The guy was seriously exploring opportunities and he had meant to write that our search for someone in that role could perhaps end with him.

PS: I was not searching for anyone and he is not the one and he could never have been the one for me!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Heal the world...!

If I can borrow a few lines from MJ, Then I would have go all over again and sing

"Heal the world..Justify Full
Make it a better place..
For you and for me and for the entire Human race...."

First let me tell you, what prompted me to write this. It happened last afternoon when I was taking my tea break, about 2 hours after a not so heavy lunch in the pantry which has a series of tables in two rows and a hall way leading to a heavy wooden door. Walking out of the dark wooden door leads to a small patio with one table for six on the left and another on the right. This patio could have earlier served as a smoking zone but after the ban on smoking in public places it serves as an extended pantry.

The rule of the pantry is that any one using the table inside or in the patio will leave their plates, spoons, glasses or Pizza cartons or Pastry cartons or any thing else near the sink. The ladies in the house keeping can wash all the dishes coming into the bin and they deserve more than a mention here.

On the right table, there were a bunch of guys who were talking GOD-KNOWS-WHAT!! But when they decided to leave there were two of them who were still hanging there. One of them had a tea cup in his hand and when they chose to leave, the guy with the tea cup stopped mid way and abrupt. He stood as if he recalled something and Good Heaven help, I do not know what he was reminded of(probably he forgot, for that minute to be the chauvinistic pig that he was.. and as if he suddenly recalled to be that and just that) to walk back to the table and left the cup behind that he had carried it half way through..

I was just about to call him back to remind him off his forgotten cup behind, but he was gone. I still give him the benefit of doubt, if he was a newbie and if he did not know the rules of leaving it in the bin. But to see every body else carry their cups and plates to the bin and still not know about it is a sin. On the other hand, if he thought carrying the cup was below his dignity, then shame on him!!

High time we learn, to respect the ladies in the housekeeping. High time we learn, to respect dignity of labour.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Charminar Express(ion)!!

It was unplanned and unscheduled visit to Chennai. The opportunity just came by and one tiff with my beloved, I had grabbed this with both my hands. I thought of this as a welcome break. We patched up the next morning but the same evening was when I was supposed to be starting to Chennai. As a striking contradiction, I wished I had let go off it, I wished I did not have to travel, I wished he joined me, and somehow, I expressed how much I wished for his company.

So our travel was bundled with a lot of hassles, But I guess anything that comes with a tag like this, the experience remains invaluable. This experience is something I would cherish forever.

I have always liked things to be easy and uncomplicated. I hated anything tough. I liked all that and more that was feminine and graceful. Inspite of it, there was some overlap somewhere , there was some conflicts on certain occasion. Suddenly, an overwhelming liking for all complicated gadgets and gizmos, more the number of keys, more complicated it looks, more the liking and then a complete U turn back to the old normal of all things simple and easy. So, as always, Travelling by train was not something that I looked forward to(If I recall my memories of being a little girl, Trains were huge, lengthy, noisy, The steps to get to the platform in a railway station, the running around that all the elderly folks did there to confirm the platform and et all) It had left me a little scarred and I was particularly not fond of trains. For reasons I do not know I had not spoken a word to a single soul of me being scared of trains. As I grew up, I overcame this childish fear but overcoming it was not like looking forward to travel by trains.

On that evening, As I waited for the train, all the nerve cells to my brain sent no signals other than those mind boggling hundred thousand doubts. When this girl who was supposed to be actually travelling on a planned trip had to back off on certain emergencies, I had, in a quick fraction of a second agreed to travel. Indian railways do not allow for transfer of tickets, so we had taken the liberty to exchange our person in being exclusively for that travel.
I had borrowed her DL, her PAN card and there was no question of any mistaken identity. I was her during this travel. But the problem lie with my head, It refused to accept me as anybody else other than myself and thats when all these doubts was scattered over all my brains. No, I did not let this affect my alter identity. I boarded the train and dug my nose into my book. I was reading RK Narayan's "The English Teacher". Thanks to RK, I was not in the train and my thoughts were now revolving beyond these identity issues. I was transported into Krishna's (the protagonist in the book) world. I was with his wife. I had been with them to look for the house, I was with his wife Susila when she was stuck up in the lavatory behind the house. I went to the temple with them on the way back until the TC came and interrupted me for the ticket. I handed over the print -out of the ticket that belonged to the alter me. I was just trying to gather all my courage to present the alter ID s if in case, the TC asked for the identification proof. When, the TC was mapping this ticket with some pad he was carrying, my mind was thinking at a speed faster than the speed of light travelling. I was thinking, if only I had not agreed to go, If only I could have exchanged this with my husband and he was on train and I was on Bus, Then as an enlightenment, It had also realised in the same second that because of his gender he cannot be travelling on a ticket issued to someone in the other gender. In that instant, as much as I hoped, the TC just handed back my e-ticket and walked away. I just sighed!!

Just when I was about to get back to my book, my cell phone rang. It was a call from one of my best friends who lived in the North America Region. As I spoke to her, there was a lot of disturbance owing to all the people around chatting and chattering aloud, the noise of the engine, the wind that came from the windows, the breeze certainly was feeling very pleasant on my fatigue kissed face but it made a very disturbing noise in the phone affecting the quality of our conversation and the clinking of the metals, My mind was racing on a different tangent this time, Essay writing some how in school begins with "My train journey..." "My first Train experience.." and this was invariably the first essay when the school re-opened after summer vacation.

As I continued to talk to her, I noticed that the man sitting opposite to me never seemed to be satiated with what ever he ate. He bought something from every vendor who passed our seat. He first bought masala roasted butter cashews and as he munched on it, he seemed to enjoy every bite of it. Then he bought a packet of Lays. It did not seemed to gratify his hunger. The signals were getting weak and strong, weak and strong, so my cell also got disconnected and then we had to reconnect dialling again until we thought it best to hang up. But my curiosity took the better of me and I continued to watch him without him being aware that he was watched.

He bought some cherries next. I presume he wanted something spicy next and he laid hands on some masala roasted peanuts. It was dinner time, The guy in uniform came over to take the order. I ordered Phulka. It looked to me that the man was impressed with my order and he ordered phulka too. I suddenly wanted to get back into the company of Krishna and Susila. RK's book was calling me and I reopened it again. But I had to pause when my cell beeped again, this time indicating me I was running on low battery. At the end of the compartment was a twisted socket, I managed to plug the charger into it and as it was getting charged, I could not afford to connect with Krishna and his wife for the fear of someone stealing my cell. I kept a watch over it from where I sat, on the edge of my seat. It was dinner time, I was served phulkas and I had disconnected my cell from charging any further and I started executing the phulkas, by the close of it, people on board were making arrangements to rest and sleep. As the lights were getting turned off, I realised for sometime I had to bid adieu to Krishna and his wife.

As I continued to let the breeze flow into my face, I felt someone gently tap my back and I opened my eyes to see an young woman in an yellow saree asking me If I could shift to the upper berth as she had a little daughter and that she preferred the two lower berths that she could attend to her daughter deep in the night. Some overwhelming emotion took over me and I agreed. As much as I dislike anything not easy, climbing on to the upper berth on the side was something I disliked and I did exactly that which I found very appalling, climbed with a great difficulty bearing my weight under me and slept. The woman in yellow was very courteous to offer me a blanket which I accepted most gracefully.

I woke up a couple of times in between hoping it would soon become morning and I would soon get off the train. I realised some one tapping me lightly while I slept and I woke up with a start. The lady in yellow told me she would get off the train in the next station and the rest I realised and handed back her blanket. I looked out of the window and the sun was rising. I saw the time on my Aspen watch when it showed 6.05 Am, I am generally not an early bird and so to wake up and just watch the sunrise was an experience in itself. When the train was just a little before Bhasin bridge, I called my husband and he was reaching central bus stand.

When the Train reached Chennai Central and as I got off the train, I went back on the memory lane of the essays on train and it dawned on me that no matter how many times you travel on Train, the last train experience can be as good as your first train experience. No surprise then, that many movies in India has a tryst with trains and the twist in plot could be brought about by the train!! Long Live Indian Railways..!!