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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There is something about Spitting!!

Does "SPIT" ever fascinate you?? What a crazy question huh??? Well, Every kid on the block.. Rich Kid, Poor kid, Good Kid, Mischievous kid, Bad Kid... have this strange fascination for the deliberate saliva forced out which travels out at a speed or velocity that depends on this ever-wonder SPIT. If its about the shape of the spit that reaches the earth then it has a slower velocity, if it is the distance covered then it has a higher velocity!!

Besides the acceleration at which it is driven, There is something about SPIT that has not spared even the creative directors of Hollywood. If you recall spitting had a prominent space in James Cameron's Titanic where Leonardo Di Caprio teaches Kate Winslet how to spit. If you recall how she had mastered this art of spitting that she demonstrates on Billy Zane, the very over bearing fiance' of Kate Winslet.

SPIT has a greater relevance in some parts in our country, If it never occurred or if one never realised, then one should definitely make a visit to some public places like the railway station, bus stands, Certain corners in Government Offices, Stair cases of Old Stone Buildings owned by the Government, Public Toliets which carry a trade mark "Red colur" in variety of shapes and sizes. It is unmistakably the Pan/Supari stain of the spit.

It is one thing that can stir various emotions depending on what kind of experience one has with Spit. Possibly, anybody would be fuming with anger if they happened to be travelling on a two wheeler besides an overloaded bus on a bumpy road when some one in the bus stretches a bit towards the open window and "SPAT!!!" goes it, straight on the shoulders balancing the two wheeler.

There was this funny instance when it was really hilarious that while travelling on A/c train with closed windows the man on the opposite tore open a packet and emptied the contents of the pack into his palm and grinded it a little with his right thumb and then poured back the embellishment on his palm into his mouth and as he began to chew and relish, the foam like red spit began to accumulate in the corners until his whole mouth bloated and bloated and bloated till there was no room for further bloating until it either spilled out or he spat out. One could see the misery on his face when he could not spit it and tried hard from letting it spill. While struggling between the two he made a visit to the lavatory on the train when he must have been so relieved.

If that was the actual act of spitting, in few other parts of the country the sound of it discounting the act translates to describe some thing dirty.. "THOO... THOO!!" "YEH THOO.."
Having come from a state where it is extensively used, I remember instances that in order to inculcate a feeling of Shame and Embarrassment to little kids who refused to wear their Knickers the older siblings or the other family members would say "Thoooo... Aiyyaiyya... Shame shame...Thooo....!!" and drive them into a habit of having these kids slipping on into their knickers.

If one can recall the publicity campaigns by Infosys to stop men from letting their stream of trickle against walls, compounds and here, there and every where had set up their Nirmal Shauchalaya.. had little kids on the hoardings and boards saying "Chee........Thoo.. Aiyaiyya....." to drive men to keep the city clean and use the public toilets.

If this is what a "Thoo' can do, then no wonder why spit holds so much Pre- dominance in this country and it continues to live here....