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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I realise my blog has been inactive for sometime and no prizes for guessing, There has been so much happening that I found myself hardpressed for time to post my voice here. But I did learn one thing, if you dont voice when you have to, You will loose the intensity of it so much so that you can never voice about the same thing again until you feel the same intense experience again, where the chances are too slim that you feel so deeply about the same instance.

Having learnt it the hard way, I do not wish to waste much time but head straight to the point that marriage is not a cake walk and more so true in India, (Country with more Male Chauvnists than one can imagine. ) and if you think am married, let me confess, Not Yet!

Until a few days ago, I thought inspite of similar cultural and religious backgrounds there is bound to be conflicts due to those little differences, where some could be resolved with accomodation, and some with compromise, While resolving a few by demanding, and a few others by requesting. But if the woman in Question is reasonably balanced with her emotions and still feels the weight of it, then it could be worse for a lot others. Just as much as I hate to be a feminist, It would not come as a surprise if I received mails saying it seemed to have a feminist inclination. But the fact of the matter is it gets complicated when one goes an extra mile and one more and another and yet another while the other does not even inch. It could be horrendeous when the milestones dont even get noticed, let alone be acknowledged.

What a shame to be married to the customs, rituals and the family but least to the man in the marriage! And what an indignity to put up a smiling face amongst these practices while one is feeling miserable. Yeah, you have to do it for your family, for his family and least of all is you or the way you feel! What a humilation to be born a Woman in a man's world of customs and rituals and practices!!