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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

whats in a name or whats in Arthi's name?

Act 1 Scene 1.

I heard from Senthil that there is an opportunity available that I can explore. I do not show much interest. One of his friends tries exploring the same, comes back and shares with Senthil that the interviewer was checking about me. Senthil insists I should connect with them. On his insistence, I connected, I liked it and they liked me. They make offer. I accept it. I realise on joining, I have joined where Arthi is supposedly on maternity leave.

Act 1 Scene 2.
Soon after joining here, I made friends with a style guru. And I remain friends with her till day. Apparently her name was Arthi.

A few years later.

Act 1 Scene 3.

Same employer. Different Role and different responsibilities. I get married. I need a transfer to join my Husband. I connect with my colleague in Hyderabad.  She needs a transfer too. What a dream come true. Everybody agrees to our mutual swap. And what can be a better surprise, Her name too was Arthi.

End of Act 1 with 3 scenes

Curtains open on Act -2

Act-2 Scene -1

While I continue to be in Hyderabad in the erst while Arthi's place, I get another call from another employer. I do explore options. I consider it and I move in. No prizes for guessing, The girl who called me from this corporation, her Name too was Arthi.

End of Act-2

Should I say "whats in a name..?" or should I say "Whats in Arthi's Name..?"


  1. co incidence can or thrice...but cant repeat throughout ur it shows a considerable journey...and Arthi..was alwys wid u....may be something wid the this name has given u only good memories...ur jobs..ur transfer to ur husband place..n may be in near future... a villa named as Arthi...ur daughter..named Arthi...(as i knw u dn hav still) chk on.....{Arthi = fortune }for u...

    Long Live Arthi...something in Arthi's name!!!

  2. @Ayon: Heheh.. I would not mind.. naming my villa as Arthi, Good fortune ke liye kuch bi karega ;-) LOL!! :)