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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obsessions!! are we obsessed about being obsessed?

Why are we so obsessed about certain things which we can do without? Sometimes, knowing about it and sometimes not knowing about that . Sometimes knowingly, to be counted in and sometimes unwittingly, without our knowledge because our surrounding and our every body else in our environment is obsessed that it has gotten into you and me too, that we end up being fanatical about it! FIFA was all over the place, Every body's FB profile status read something about someone winning, someone loosing! Well, In the first place, We are not even playing!! 

Am ok following it, But does it need so much attention that it looses sight of other significant things? Why no one made a mention of Saina Nehwal getting to world's No-2. Why her Indonesian Open super series crown did not get similar attention? Why nobody bothers to scribble a line about our very own SM Krishna's attempt of dialogue with Pakistan? Why no mention of Headley's revelations, One of the main accused in the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai? Why no one cares to feel about the Bengal Train Crash inspite of being such a mystery, Why nothing about fighting Naxal violence is ever discussed?  Why just not a word on the water problem between AP and Maharastra? Why no thoughts on the Mining rampant scam in Karnataka and AP border? 

Why is that we choose to remain silent on few things and glorify few other things? Is it because we are too lost in glorifying a few things like Spain winning FIFA or Is it a clear case of not following these things because it taxes a little of one's brain to be following these things or is it that there is a sense of unbelonging of something your own and a sense of pride in acknowledging something that every body else does.

Whatever be the so called reason, we all seem to be suffering from a bigger disease of obsession, The obsession of being obsessed! like the obsession with FIFA or the HARRY POTTER or like my obsession of being obsessed about why others not being obsessed with what they are not obsessed but obsessed about the obsession of what they are obsessed with or even better, perhaps my current obsession(or for a change, should I call it affiliation?) to the obsessions of the others obsessed! 


  1. Hi Anu,

    Let me comment one by one. In my opinion

    *) Saina - It is not a very popular game she plays. So people are not obsessed about it. Media is giving her good attention
    *) Attempt of dialogue with Pak is futile. Everybody knows it. So nobody is obsessed with it
    *) Media is covering Headlys connections. Nobody is obsessed with it because terrorism has become a part of our lives
    *) Why such a mystery about the train crash. It is not a mystery but could be a human error
    *) Naxal violence is not a point of discussion because it is our internal enemy
    *) Water sharing between AP and Maharastra invloves politics and whenever politics is involved it is unsolvable
    *) Mining in Karnataka - It is a old story which is going on since BJP came to power. People are tired of listening to word Bellary

    People like to be obsessed with something pleasant and good, which does not involve killing, which is seasonal. Like FIFA which comes in 4 years. Wimbledon which comes once in a year



  2. Hi Annapurna,

    A suggestion to you - The black background of your blog with white text is really uncomfortable to read. Please change it to something that's easy on eyes.


  3. @ Riyaz: Thanks for commenting! Keep writing in to let me know what you think.., It was just a fleeting thought on my mind which beat the odds to get published here.. an attempt to get the other issues some lime light..
    @Manro : Your feedback is valued, will work towards giving my template a new look.

  4. Annapurna,

    Thanks for your response. Much better on eyes.


  5. Annu....the topic was really good but could have been better if it was not only around FIFA...i felt as if have any grudge against that( though u may not be) point is..sports is Indian weakness...may be any type...n remember one of the most important game in Bengal...not to forget our own East Bengal n Mohan Bagan....long stories in bengali community...but let me not be biased...its SPORTS which is there in the Indian Blood...!!!

    coming to Sania..i think she got a descent coverage..obviously u cant compare with FIFA as there are many X factors which are included for any coverage....n ur other points of krishna...train me has become only a gossip for the channels to make money...otherwise all these can't fade down with time but its true...may be we remember these only on their anniversary days...

    so if you ask me about obsession...we r not at a ll obsessed otherwise we could n have lived till date...obsessed make people mad and they follow it till they find a me we r not obsessed at all..we have learned to flow ourselves with time...