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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Emotional Atyachaar.

"Emotional Atyachaar" may not be a national news or a burning issue but definitely something with enough magnitude that it has given enough food for thought for all script writers, story tellers and movie directors cutting across all times and eras, cutting through all time zones and geographies, cutting across age groups and gender, that many movies in Hindi as well as English Cinema has been inspired by sheer magnanimity of this "emotional atyachaar"

Only those who are burdened of going through an emotional atyachaar knows what it is to be weighed down by such acts. But normally, the first thing that strikes to one in an emotional atyachaar is the involvement between any man and a woman who are in relationship like a boy friend/girl friend or fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e or either of the spouses-Husband or the wife. But anyone beyond this relationship can also be a victim of emotional atyachaar in a day to day life.

How can we miss out the parkwood international episode, where it has been claimed that the director lived in a pent house above the girls hostel abused these girls and threatened them if they raised the issue with anyone.
Is it possible to ignore the sexual favours at workplace in their lure to take them places above and across? In the same length, taking the law to one's advantage to make false accusations of harassment to get to positions above or places across? Why go the length and breadth of the work place when it can happen with in the confines of one's home? When your maid knows your dependability on her, does she not manipulate you and  make you compromise on her responsibilities. We would have all been witness to this sometime or later. Contrastingly, The Shiney Ahuja and the maid case was there in  the open for all of us to see and we have to wait to watch the verdict.
It could happen to any of us in our normal lives, parents and family indulging in it to ensure their kid's don't tread the path of falling in love with someone in the opposite sex. Relatives and family indulge in it to get their dodging children married. Sons or daughters resorting to Emotional atyachaar for a nod of approval in context of their love affair. Students in schools and colleges take the EA(emotional atyachaar) route to make up for the lost attendance or perhaps for better grades or scores.

The Power play of politics, lust, money greed and emotions, It could be all of that or any of that which leads to the pursuit of 'Emotional Atyachaar"  . Unless, the focus shifts to meaningful values, the suffering from EA would continue. Its time we get back to true love and the goodness of life.


  1. I guess we can do much more by being moral and straight forward rather than by some kind of emotional blackmail. As is the norm with negative tendencies, they may be of help in the immediate measure, but in the long run, its the character and discipline that's an individual is known for.

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  3. Interesting post... but i still wonder if EA is really wrong in the first place.... or rather would you term all the above as EA????
    Like the instance of parents putting kids through it...or siblings doing it.. if it is with a good intention and for the well being of the other person, would you still term it as EA??? and if you it wrong to enagage in EA in such an instance???
    Your post sure is food for thought!!!

    -Shweta Sripathi

  4. @shashi: You are right, we can achieve much more than resort to emotional blackmail.
    @Shweta Sripathi: Thanks for commenting, All of us sometimes do think if it should be termed as EA, but why should parents put their kids through that ordeal,Guess the kids would be mature enough to make their decisions. Similarly, why should kids threaten their parents, if their parents are not convinced with the decision then it is important for the kids to reconsider their decision, but if they think it still right, They should stand upright for what they believe in rather than resort to EA. By being upfront many a disastrous r/ships can be saved. Even if the intentions are good, it is important to have an open communication either your for or against it, negotiate to come to a mutual understanding! It inculcates a better value system, what say? Thanks much for sharing your views. do keep commenting, BTW, is moonstuck ur write up? Must say.. the pictures are lovely!! good reading..:)

  5. these r very traditional issues,and though we like to call ourselves modern but on certain cases we r primitive and act like immature.With the globalozation n modernization we termed these as "EA"...but these are basically from time of
    "Balika badhu". The communication n media have given fantasy names like "EA" but to me its the same old pathetic stories. Good effort if these chats can bring some goodness of life as rightly said by you.

  6. @Ayon: Thanks for commenting! Keep writing in.. its encouraging! :)